How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, is the one website where you can talk and brag about yourself, and it’s acceptable. In fact, many business owners and managers view LinkedIn, as something used in the  corporate world, unlike your baby pictures on Facebook, or your girls trip on Instagram. LinkedIn is beneficial in many ways. You establish your identity, talk about your accomplishments, how many languages you can speak, where you graduated, and most importantly, connect and build professional contacts and connections for your future. LinkedIn also helps with credibility, meaning that you can endorse your connections with their skills like Microsoft Word, or their accomplishments like Hubspot.


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.19.23 PM
Here is an example of a Headline, Location, and Connections, and Summary

Here are my tips on how to market yourself on LinkedIn….

  1. Highlight your Talents in Your Headline 

A lot of people do not realize, that your professional headline is an essential part of your overall LinkedIn profile. It is simple and gives you a way to state your qualifications, where you are located, and the industry that you are in, in a short and concise manner. Also, it helps you get found in people’s search results, aka. get a job. Whether you are a small business owner, student athlete, work at your local coffee shop, or just a student, it is important that you add that in your headline.

    2. Take Time to Write a Concise Summary of Yourself

This section also gives you the opportunity to talk about yourself, except in a few more words than the headline. When people are looking at your profile, they are pounded with so much information about you, and draw a narrative based on your information. You can take control our your own narrative about yourself, and write a summary which directs the conversation and can write what you want people to know. This is your opportunity to talk about yourself some more, and get into some facts about your life, and basically, write a small story about yourself.


3. Brag about Your Experiences

There are no rules when you fill our your past experiences. You can include all your accomplishments, and even leave out whatever you think is not relevent. Add your past jobs, internships, but leave out things you don’t want people to know, like if you didn’t finish college, or if you went to jail.


All in all, brag about yourself, make yourself stand out, and fill everything out. Once you are active on LinkedIn, you will appear more often on job recruiters search result. Add connections, endorse others and they will endorse you. Getting influential people to write your recommendations and accomplishments will also get you a long way. It doesn’t have to be the Pope or the President of the US; it could be a local lawyer that you look up to, or a head of a department at your University. LinkedIn is a great way to make contacts and connections, that will develop into real like business opportunities for your future.


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Hotwire Email Subscription

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Live pricing in emails, especially when it comes to travel – is the best way to deliver accurate, up-to-date information about spectacular limited time deals. Hotwire‘s consistent emails based on your recent searches guarantees a deal coming your way.  What made me sign up for Hotwire’s awesome email list, is the fact that I use it every time I am looking for travel deals. They are not overly bearing when sending emails. When they send the emails, they are not trash. They are consistent emails with content relating to what you are interested in. Their emails are not over bearing like Groupon‘s daily emails, or LivingSocial. Although both websites have great deals, the amount of unrelated emails they send are over bearing. Hotwire sends around 3-4 emails a week, whereas Living Social and Groupon send 3-4 a day.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.06.28 PM
Most of these do not interst me

LivingSocial & Groupons overload of Emails


Hotwire’s Emails

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.05.44 PM

I read every single email Hotwire sends me, because when they send emails, they pertain to what I am interested in. I especially spend time reading their emials during the holiday season because I am interested in the travel deals they offer. I have already planned 2 through Hotwire within the past month, because of the emails they send.


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.10.55 PM

Signing up for Hotwire was simple. They asked for your basic info, including your zip code so that they can send you deals flying out of the airport or station your zip code is in, but of course, you can always change your initial to and from destinations. The first email they send you is very simple. Just a “Hello! your name, to Hotwire.” It was not super enticing, but it was simple enough and welcoming enough.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.14.47 PM

Hotwire’s call to action is very catchy. It makes users want to stop whatever they are doing, book a trip, and go. To me, it was very effective, hence it gets me to book through them every time. there was no need to click on anything. The call to action was located wherever there was an option to buy or book a flight/car/hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.22.35 PM.png

The content in Hotwire’s emails are very appropriate. The amount of offers is not too much, and not too little. They usually offer 2-3 deals, like 10$ off $150+, or $25 off $200+…Unlike most websites, in order to qualify for deals, is not a far stretch. For example, on Groupon, you need to spend usually $100+ to get $5 off, however it is hard to spend $100, so you end up spending way more than you should to just get $5 off.


I think that the emails Hotwire sends is sent to a segment. I have never received an email from them that was not relatable to me or where I have previously searched. Hotwire’s emails accomplish their objectives. It gets users like me, to go through their website to purchase trips. From the call to action, to the easy to navigate website, Hotwire definitely knows how to build its brand to attract new users, and keep previous users.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.54.56 PM

In conclusion, Hotwire does an excellent job with marketing and their emails. This all contributes to the success of the company and the reviews. They are very consistent. After every trip I book through them, they send a following email asking how my trip went, if my stay was up to par, and to rate the hotels and flights I book through them.

On-Site SEO Ranking Anaylsis



Have you ever wondered how to increase your SEO ranking?? Look no further! In this blog post, I’m going to show you the easiest and simplest way to increase a SEO ranking. I’ll be showing you how to increase an SEO ranking for my blog, the Passport Stamp. I learned how to do this for my class assignment, for Professor Pepe… you can actually check out his blog here!

There are a few key terms that you should use to target and achieve a high SEO ranking….

Relevance:     In order for people to receive valuable search results, the first thing a search engine must do, (Google) for example, would be to determine what websites are relevant for whatever someone is searching. For example, for my blog, you might type in, travel, passport, best way to travel on a budget, must go places- because my blog is all about that.


Traffic:      There are 3 types of traffic- Direct, Referral, and Search. Direct, is when an internet user types the full URL in the browser, Referral is when the user clicks on a link to another site, and search, is when the user clicks on a link to the site from search engine results page (Google in this case).

Professor Pepe referred us to use Google Keyword Planner to asses for the traffic and competition of my blog. Below is a screenshot of the results I got for my blog, via Google Keyword Planner

Competition:   A good way to estimate competition, is to just search for a keyword phrase and see the websites that will show up, whether the links are optimized perfectly for the keyword. The search phrases I used (listed above) have a very high competition. That had over a million results, which tells me that I need to be more specific in my searches when increasing my SEO ranking.

High Click Through Rates, can increase an SEO ranking. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others, keep very detailed data about the search behavior of the users. My blog can influence its click-through rate, through the….TITLE TAG, SNIPPET (the summary of the pages content that shows the underneath title), URL- the choice of URL.


If I want to improve the ranking of my  first blog post, I shall add it to all of the 6 areas Professor Pepe taught….. URL, Title Tags, Header Tags, Main Content, Alt Text, and Anchor text.

URL: Words in the URL receive heavy weighting in the search results of relevance. The target keyword phrase should be in the URL.

Title Tag: The title tag of the webpage is displayed at the top of the browser when landing on the page

Header Tags: The words inside a header take receive more weight in the relevance calculation, so the taret keyword phrase should be in the header 1 tag.

Main Content: A website wants to use its target keyword phrase several times n the main content of the page. It must be strategic about using it

Image Alt Text-File Name: An Alternative text is a label or tag that indicates the content of the image. Alt Text also communities information to web browsers for the visually impaired.

Anchor Text: A search engine uses the anchor text from external links as an objective, third party description of a webpage.




Hotwire Analysis

Ever been held back to go on a trip because of the cost of the hotel or airfare?? Don’t be! Because thanks to Hotwire, you can! Hotwire always has the best deals and discounts for airfare, hotel, and rental cars. These 3 things should not be a barrier between your wallet and your memories you are about to create. Hotwire is best known for their ‘4 star hotel, 2 star prices’ motto, and it means exactly what you think it means. Luxury hotels for almost half the price. They are able to do this, because often Hotwire and hotels have deals with each other because without these discounts, the hotels won’t generate an income.

When you first enter Hotwire in your url tab, you are promoted to choose whether you are looking for a hotel, flight, or a car. Following, you choose your destination, the duration, and the dates you desire.

Hotwire is a pretty simple website to navigate. You can access Hotwire directly by typing it in your URL, by an ad (search traffic), and through referral traffic. I actually found out about Hotwire through referral traffic. One day, when I was researching flights on Expedia, it automatically prompted to open Kayak, Priceline, Hotwire, and Travelocity. Expedia tries to prove to it’s customers, that they provide the best price compared to their competitors, however it showed that Hotwire offered a better deal than Expedia!

A booking is a type of conversion Hotwire wants, because they make money whenever a customer uses its website to purchase flights, cars, or hotels. A secondary conversion is to get Hotwire customers to keep using their website for book, thus they achieve additional bookings by sending emails, and additional deals to their previous customers. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect. achieves click-through advertising whenever users click on Hotwire on the search engine websites.

Hotwire technically is a search engine. They earn a large fee for some bookings over others, so this is how they maximize their revenue. Social media also is a great gateway Hotwire uses to get its name out there. On my Facebook feed, many of my friends and family rave about how great Hotwire is and how they paid $250 for a night at the St. Regis, instead of the hotel’s website rate, $500. Like Home Depot, mentioned in Professor Pepe’s blog Hotwire appears on, ‘social media, which is integrated to engage with customers by providing stimulating visual content on their website’ for the hotels. Overall, Hotwire really tries to help out travelers in the simplicity and discounted area, and it made me really realize that when doing this blog for a class assignment.

How to Plan the Perfect Getaway

Where to next?

 So you’re trying to plan the perfect summer trip, and you don’t know where to start. You’re stressed about where you want to explore, the duration, and how to get from point A to point B. First off, what I find most useful when planning a destination, is asking my friends and families for recommendations on where they enjoy traveling. A great website to check for deals, is Groupon. Groupon has daily deals that make your traveling expenses less expensive, with packaged air and hotel deals. Their destinations vary, but they currently have packages for Japan, South of France, New York City, Los Angeles, and South Africa. They range from $899-$1,600, and included is the roundtrip airfare as well as multiple nights in hotels.


Friendly Planet, offers top tier tour services ifyou are interested in visiting multiple cities and attractions in a week or so. My family and I have used Friendly Planet in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central Europe. The hotels they put us in are a either 4-5 stars, and the whole 9 yards is included (transportation services, attraction fees, hot spots, some meals,ect.). Not only is the staff of the company is great, but also the other customers who trust Friendly Planet to put together their trips, are very kind people who too, enjoy traveling.


If you must go to if you are juggling between places to travel to, I would drop your options. Start researching on Friendly Planet’s website to find packages for Dubai. Dubai is a whole other technologically advancedworld. The culture isphenomenal,and the people are very friendly.

My family and I went during Winter Break in 2015, and are already itching to go back. Yes, rumors are true. Dubai is significantly more expensive than the States, and the conversion rates aren’t that great either.




However, it’s all for the experience and memories that you will cherish with your family. It is very neat seeing the locals wear their cultural hijab’s, and the occasional full covered face hijab’s. The food is spectacular, there is every cuisine you could imagine. There is even a Cheesecake Factory there believe it or not! When we traveled to Dubai, we had not yet known about Friendly Planet. My mother did all the planning herself from the hotels, flights, various attractions, restaurant reservations, camel riding, ATV’ing and so forth. And to top it off, the biggest mall in the world is located in Dubai, and boy did we enjoy that. The trip was nothing but a dream. Our friends recently traveled to Dubai using Friendly Planet, and they had nothing but positive things to say about their overall vacation (no surprise there!)


So what are you waiting for?? Get on Friendly Planet’s website and buy a package to Dubai…or you can contact my mom about our Dubai agenda.